The Smoothie Contest, second edition

Make an awesome video

Win a Smoothieboard

Or, a contest to increase and promote the Smoothie project's awesomeness

What do I win ?

If you win, you will get a 5XC ( 5 drivers with connectors ) Smoothieboard v1.1, as well as :

What do I do to win it ?

Something awesome !
You need to film a video that helps users learn about Smoothie.

The basic idea is : it must be useful to newcomers, or to advanced users if it's on an advanced topic.

It must help learn. 

Simply take any part of the documentation , convert it into a video, and submit it to the contest

So everybody wins ?

Well not exactly. That'd be super-duper though.

How many winners ?

We have 4 boards each month to give for this contest, for all months of 2017.

That's actually quite a bit of value if you do the math. But we really want awesome things to happen.

And who wins ?

Each month we will round up all the videos that were submitted, choose the four we find most helpful, and award them a board each.

There's some agility there : if we only have 3 winners one months by lack of submissions, we will have 5 the next month.

Until when can I submit a video ?

End of 2017.

Where do I submit my video ?

You submit your video by email at

Submit your video

Have any ideas of videos to do ?

Sure ! Ask via email !

Who is doing this ?

Us !

This is a joint effort between Uberclock and Robotseed, the two companies currently producing and selling the Smoothieboard. Our two companies are also run by folks that actively contribute to the project, and this contest is a part of that.

A kitten

It was hard to find something that would make this contest better. But we managed.